Friday, 16 July 2010

Bosou and tuhau susah dilepaskan..hehehehe

Shopping at Warisan square...and having a break at starbucks at the moment..

Wow..bosou...sedap bah nie... can i resist them?

Feel happier at the moment..he..he..he..when i was in KL i had those tow...tuhau and also bosou..very very nice and i loved 'em very much. Now i am in sabah and i have just finished my first round shopping. Later am going to CP and off to 1B..he..he..he..owhh...I LOVE SABAH SO MUCH>>>Bought something from quicksilver, Padini and Espirit..what's next??? mmmmmm Nike???

1 comment:

SJB said...

Computer kau kah tu? macam computer lama saya tapi sekarang my boys yang pakai hehehe.

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