Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dalit Beach Tuaran

It's me..
Lovely beach..


we did enjoy it very much

Yesterday sisters, brother, nephews and nieces (of course me) went to pantai dalit beach tuaran not far from mimpian jadi beach. After church we cooked at home and took the food to the beach. Not far from parents' place..just about 15-20 mins by car.

Anyway..initially we could not access the beach (we can't access the private beach own by the rasa ria resort)..we had to go through all possible paths to access the beach. At last we managed to find one and we drove the car through the path going on the beach. Wow....what a wonderful time we had! The beach was clean and the sand was white...very quite and very beautiful even though the weather wasn't very good because it was cloudy but the temperature managed to reach 28 degrees celcius..hehehehe

Next week we will go to another beach and we will enjoy it as much as we did like dalit beach...

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SJB said...

Ketawa saya tengok tu gambar no2 hahaha, macam ikan lumpat lumpat hahaha.

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