Friday, 23 July 2010

Mee tuaran and nasi Campur 1B

Chicken, eggs, rice and vage

Tuaran noodles @mee tuaran

I did some shopping today in tuaran town and for the first time this year i had my mee tuaran or Tuaran noodles. It was fantastico amazzzing!! Hell...i almost asked for my second plate but since i have to control myself, i decided not to proceed to second order. hehehehe..After that i went to UiTM where my nephew does his banking studies.Drove to the University or well known as "University Tanpa Sampah" (University without rubbish >> leteral translation) and pick him up. Then we poped up to 1B for dinner and we had nasi campur. Wow..not bad but of course mee tuaran is still the number one. I love the soup, i love the chillies, love the noodles, chicken, bla..bla...i love every single ingredient in it. fantastic-co!!! He..he..he..

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