Monday, 12 July 2010

Last day shopping in London

love me nicely

3 shirts

French the shirts there..

Yeah..tmrw I am going back to Malaysia. My flight is 11.30 am from stanstead London and will be arriving in KL about 7.30 in the morning. Yeah..I am so excited to meet my nieces, nephew, sisters, brother and parents of course. Today what did I do? You again. Last day shopping before off to Malaysia. I will be staying at my niece's place in KL and stay there for a couple of days and then off to Sabah. Yeah....yeah...yeah...I really cannot wait to go back.
Today I went to Covent Garden and did my last summer sale shopping there. Guess what??? I spent more money again. He..he..he..he..But not for my family but for myself. I didn't want to buy but there was a great sale up to 75% and all the shirts there were very cheap. Well, I mean very cheap for London standard. I just wanted to do window shopping but I just cannot resist it and took my debot card and 'zarppppppppp' it. I went to french connection shop..hehehehe..resonable prices after discount and i didn't want to miss the chance....I was wondering if sabah is having a great sale at the moment? if it does..i want to do more shopping in Sabah..hehehehehe...

p/s: what am i going to wear tmrw from London to KL? lolz!!!! too many options.

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SJB said...

Lucu juga kau ni. Adakah tidak tahu apa mahu pakai. Anyway, have fun balik kampung k.

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