Monday, 26 July 2010

It's a lonely day

Hey you..yeah you..yes...U. I am having a lonely day. Very lonely...missing someone..I just had my lunch..only noodles..i just not in mood to cook something special for myself or even to anyone. All i want to do is to sleep..sleep..sleep...and sleep...I am fucking on my own. Nobody here...everybody has gone..what am i going to do in my bedroom? Oh shitt!!!!! Took a picture of my hair gels, my deodorants, perfumes and some other things....that's it for today....i'm off..don't know what to car, don't like TV..just a laptop with me..mmmm.......byeee xxxxxxx

1 comment:

SJB said...

Kesian kau keboringan. Pigi shopping mall lah naik bas :D.

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