Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yesterday was different - my new face - LOL!

Just got up..still on bed

Yesterday was very different..i suddenly banged by a huge holly shit of boring-ness. I shoud be enjoying my holiday but yesterday was just bloody shit of my life. Look at my face I have just got up from my fucking sleep and my eyes look sleepy..hehehehe. My brain was empty and i could not make up my mind to do anything. So i got up about 10.30 am and wasting my time on facebook, reading others' blogs, browsed these and that. I didn't realised the time passed by and it was 3 PM!!!!! I had my shower and went to bed again..and slept until 6 was crazy up at and had my shower at 7 pm. Huh!!!!!


SJB said...

Malas bah tu hahahaha.

Andrik McVean said...

yes...sometimes i feel so lazy

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