Sunday, 25 July 2010

I will miss all these dishes when i go back to England

missed this a lot when i was in england

i missed this as well..ikan bakar

wow..this is lovely

hehehe..this one is with ikan bilis

And this of course..the chicken sweet and sour.

Hello back again in my very boring story (as u know) but i know some people might like it. Anyway, you like it or not it's up to you because this is my blog and this is my territory and i can and will do anything i like....but some of you guys don't like it..i bet u will say ..showing off or what ever...but so what...ha..ha..ha..

I love cooking. I still remember my first time did cooking when i was 10 years old and was disaster..but as the time went by..i've improved my skills until when i was 13 years old my sister taught me a proper way to cook. I did enjoy it very much.

When i was 16 years old..i can cook properly without worrying too much about how the taste of my food. Well..well..well...a huge improvement actually. Since i came from the UK, i've been cooking for my family not only lunch but dinner.

Here are some pictures of dishes i've cooked for them...yummyyyyyy...i love them all..none of them disappoint my fmily..they all loved my sounds like i am blowing my own trumpet..if i didn't who else????


SJB said...

Boleh tahan masakan kau ni.

Anonymous said...

Saya biasanya tidak posting dalam Blog tapi blog Anda memaksa saya untuk, bekerja luar biasa .. indah ....

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