Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The beauty of Snowdon Mountain

the view from the lake

the view from on of the paths

Very beautiful

the path on the lake

I say Am-a-zing

Last two weeks, I went to this beautiful mountain and actually the third mountain I’ve climbed in the UK. I was fed up with the fucking horrible winter this year and the beautiful summer in the UK really makes me happy. That is why I’m enjoying the hot summer at the moment. After Cader Idris and Rhinog Fawr mountains we decided to try the highest mountain in England and Wales. I should give a try the highest mountain in the UK but I just didn’t have enough time for it because I have to go back to Malaysia next week. This means I have a few days to go before off to Malaysia. I miss my family and the beaches in Malaysia. Ha..ha..ha..ha..and I can’t wait to enjoy myself in Sabah and the food there.

Anyway, Snowdon is very beautiful mountain and out of a few mountains I’ve climbed so far in my life this is the most beautiful mountain. The mountain has spectacular view, mountains and lakes also waterfall. For those who want to give a try, you are recommended to take your camera because the view was really beautiful. It’s worth to climb really....test your fitness!


Anonymous said...

Mesti puas hati kalau sampai sana ni kan ?..so nice & beautiful place to visit..wish to b there 1 day...

SJB said...

Cantik oh ni tempat. Kalau boleh saya pun mahu pigi :D. Lain kali lah kalau ada duit kekeke.

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