Thursday, 8 July 2010

New shoes have been tested with the 4th mountain

Took this pic this morning before i left for the climbing

Clarks shoes particulaly this pair is very good

I got back from Aran ffawddwy this evening about 7 PM. We drove a Saab car a friend's of mine and what can I say about the mountain? Well, the first 500m of the track was a bit boring and the first half of the track was quite tiring because it was quite steep. Then followed by a very gently sloping path but it wasn't long probably just about 50 meters. After this 50 meters path and it was quite easy, followed by a very very steep path and it was fucking tiring and almost killed me. LOLZ!!!!! But once I saw the summit of the mountain by enegry immediately busted and I felt like the summit energised me. Unfortunetly, the weather wasn't very good and there was a bit rain when we reached the summit. We quickly had our sandwiches and moved our asses from the summit.

The view from the summit was fantastic as usual but because it was cloudy some pictures weren't very nice. Nevermind, another time and there a loads of mountains in the UK and good for photography. about FIFA, Holland Vs Spain in final. Which one? I like to see Spain to win...I do x

Bye folks xxx am tired from my climbing

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