Friday, 16 July 2010

KLIA Update

Just KFC because that's what they wanted..

A big hug to her before leaving

And my BIG nephew..

Hello everybody..I am back in Sabah and yesterday my sister picked me up from the airport back to Tuaran. niece and nephew took me to the airport form her place in Serdang. I stayed with them for 2 days 1 night because I was bloody tired with the journey from London to KL. Anyway..I am currently having my cold latte at starbucks. Yummmyyyy....the hot weather and the cold yummy latte makes me feel happier of life. I’m posting some pictures taken yesterday at KLIA with my niece and nephew. I spent my few pounds for them for their hospitality when i was with them. He..he..he..

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SJB said...

Jealous saya ni huhu.

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