Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Morning Update: My Brain is Diffusing

I actually got up quite early today and the time I'm updating my blog I already had my shower and will have my breakfast later. I went to bed quite late (not really for my standard) as I watched the Olympics games (review). I still think it was a bit disappointing for the team GB losing their silver medals from Japanese who appealed the result and managed to get second from fourth position. Undoubtedly, the Japanese team had been consistent in their performances except their last gymnast did a mistake in the last round.

Anyway today I hope to be able to start the source code of my algorithm plan. My MatLab skills are still very basic and I don't know how the heck I'm going to do that. I pray to God to help me and light along my way while doing my PhD. I really don't think I can do it but I believe with a very little hit from God I am able to do it. Huh..sometimes it makes me think why should I be doing all this. Although I'm enjoying my research so far but at certain points I feel a little bit not quite right and feel a bit fed up. But I know who I am and I was in this situation before.

Anyway, I should be leaving home now and going to the office. My watch shows 9.30AM and I should be arrived in the office just before 10AM if the road is clear. I can see a little bit sun here but it's raining and I don't think this is a good summer at all. In fact the worst summer ever. It should be hot everyday and I hope to see more sun as summer is almost over (a month left or a bit more). Sometimes this is quite depressing but luckily I signed up for the Gym on campus which allow me to do some training with unlimited access. I go to the gym from Mondays to Fridays and sometimes Saturday if it happened I go to the office.

Okay guys..leaving you now and I will update this blog again tonight. My Brain is diffusing and I wish it was singing....

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