Friday, 27 February 2009

Another BuLL ShiT EmaiLs

First of all, are you ready for the most expensive reality TV's show in Malaysia? Yeah...One In a Million. In about 30 minutes the most expensive reality TV's show will starts. Before that, I opened my first yahoo's email. So what i got??? Look at that, Mished reminder service. How many of them??? 10 mails? Oh...FUCK!!!!! Actually i feel so upset with the mails. I saw 10 mails in my inbox, but when i opened it, it shows all the spam emails. Because i was waiting an email from someone and hoping it. But??? those shit mails came into my inbox and made suprised to me. I do not know who missed me so much. Once is enough, no need to spam me 10 times. I really feel upset with it.

Ader plak keywords "saya malu gigi jongang"...I bet he/she must be jongang...LOL

OK friends, stop about it. Now lets see the keywords hit my blog this week. First of all, i would like to say the impact of OIAM 3 is very very strong. Just look at my keywords dashboard and almost 100 "OIAM" keyword hits my blog via google. And????? another keyword....issssssssssssss.......BERMUDA shows how popular this keyword.


jcyboy said...

wow....the populatiry og OIAM is incredible isn't???

Andrik McVean said...

yes..jcyboy...the populirity of oiam is very..very impressing

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