Monday, 2 February 2009

First day with Motorola

The white one is my old laptop HP new laptop..

O bebe! I got up this morning with a bit nervous feeling and at the same time i was a bit excited. I got up at 6 o'clock and and had my shower. I didn't take my breakfast at home because i'm worried i will be late. So what happened? I drove a car from where i live to my company. I tell you what. The traffic was so packed. was so packed. I depart from home about 7 o'clock and God seek! traffic is very bad. Luckly i arrived about 7.40 am. Too early isn't? Hehehe..I was outside until 8.20 am. So after tired waiting outside i contacted Mr. cheah and told him i was outside and waiting for him to report myself. He replied and said go take my breakfast first. So i went to the restaurant just next to the building where i work and had my roti telur and also nescafe. So lastly, i went to the company's lobby and meet up mr.cheah there. So he invited me to his office and also introduced me to some important staffs. After that i have to set up my email, i have to know where the toilet is(so important ar), and met the scretery of the compan, met some others engineers, and lastly i met the service engineer (forgot his name). Then he taught me how to set up the computer, create my account, set up password (God set up password it took 30 mins.), etc..etc...lastly register for my new laptop. And lastly after i completyed all the processes, then he allow me to take the laptop. Wow...i got a new laptop. It is HP bebe!! So now i got 2 good ar?? hehehehe (well..its not really mine but as long as i work for this company i have the authority to carry + use the laptop). This means, i have to leave my laptop at home. Pity..but my new laptop is not too bad. It was excellent and it was great. So fast ar...O ya one of my managers is Spanish. ( spoke to his friend on phone). Other employees are white men and other are indians, chinese, malay and i think i am the only KadazanDusun here in this department. Anyway is he pic of my laptop. And as usual for the first time i have nothing to do a bit bored. But at 2 o'clock i have something to do from my SV.


.::EliyaShaka::. said...

happy working andrik!

C.Alv.B said...

Bah welcome to the club...hehehehe..bekerja dgn bersungguh-sungguh ya..

Andrik McVean said...

@eliya...oh yeah...kena keja bersungguh sungguh nie..hehehe

@sumandak...welcome to the club ya..hehhehe...

kuai said...

wah new Lappy only? where is new car and HP... biasanya provided bah kan? hahaha... JK

bah kasi darama2 la sama kami tu old lappy... ^_^

happy working dear andrik.. :)

Andrik McVean said...

LOL...if they want to provide it for me..i will be happier loh..hehehe

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