Thursday, 26 February 2009

Another bad experiences story

Kalau sekali tengok mcm kat oversea jah...tup-tup kat Langkawi jer pun..tapi Over the sea juga lah..hehehe

aRGH....first of all, i am really full because i just got back from hotel had my dinner.
As usual every thursday, if i'm not too tired or lazy i will got to a place and treat myself
there with nice foods. Tonight the foods were nice though. Secondly i am extreemly tired today. I was so busy extending the defect management tool in the office and i still have a lot to do. So i will continue it tommrow. Anyway, i still go to the hotel becausei already promised my friend to go there and have dinner.

When I opened my 'wired' folder titled pictures in Langkawi. So i looked each of the pictures and lastly i saw this picture which i think seems like i was in Germen or maybe in France or somewhere in oversea. Well, i still remember i went to Langkawi with my friend, this area is full with westerners and most of them own a ship. You can see the ships behind me own my westerners. So i can say this place is visited by rich man. Anyway, so we decided to have dinner at this place and its worth bloody RM50 for just 2 meals. We just had chicken and potato. Oh!!! shit!! Bloody expensive. That is my very bad experience when i was in Langkawi last year and second one is my friend forgot to switch off the car's lights and when we got back the batery was flat. So??? We have to buat muka 5 sen and ask the brother-brother at there tuk cas batery kereta kami...mimang bikin malu!!! tapi tahan-tahan jah kami!!


Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Lol Andrik. Cambest sj gambar tu, macam kat luar negara. Yer kno, movie with port, sea etc..
Never been there yet, someday i will go to Langkawi.. Hoho..

Andrik McVean said... lah di langkawi tuh..tapi i had bad experiences at there loh.....

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