Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy valentine's day

I just got back from my afternoon tea. When I got back this afternoon, i went to bed and laying down my body on it. In 5 minutes time, i fallen asleep (baru jer lepas makan...habislah perut pun jadi boroyiiiii.....) . When i got up it was 7 o'clock (i remember in sabah 7 o'clock it is dark alreday but here you still can play football). Anyway friends, I would like to take this oppurtinity to wish happy valentine's day to all couples in the world and may you happy with your lover and let your love is everlasting to him/her (ayat skema lagi nie...). sweet. To all bloggers and my visitors, happy valentine's day to you all too. God Bless!!!

I am going to have a nice dinner tonight. I know I had my afternoon tea and i really had enough. But when the darkness is come (malam bah kunun), my stomach is singing (lapar lah tuh kalau mcm tuh..hehehe). So maybe i am going to have claypot (with candle light? and cake?* LOL*), vegetable, steak (wah banyak juga? mampus lah kalau cm nie...), rice (nie mesti ada ...kalau tidak inda kenyang bah...hehehe).

OK guys, i better getting ready now, otherwise i will be late. Once again, happy valentine's day!!!

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