Monday, 9 February 2009

My wonderful dinner

Oh...yeah..this is raw nice..

Char kweh nice with fish and chicken

I just had a glass of red wine..


The most expensive and most delicious..huhuhu

Oh..i am very tired tonight. You know why? because i was so busy doing nothing in town. I have day off today because it is Thaipusm. Since i am in Penang so i'm having off day. Anyway folks. Last night i was so bored and lastly i decided to call my friends and we agreed to have our dinner at the E&O hotel. I was wonderful evening and i had a glass of wine. I ate so much and i had all the nice foods. When i got back, i took off my chlotes and i really feel tired (tired of eating) and i fallen asleep. Means i went to bed with my schoks and underwear without clean my teeth. OMG!!!! teribble. I didn't drink much, i just had a glass of red wine and the wine knock me off. So i fallen asleep about 9.30 pm. Well, this morning i suppose to got up at 7 or 8 am. But what happened? I got up at 10 am. Gosh!!!!! After had my shower i decided to walk around in town and went to the beach. But before that i had my swim as well. So quite busy actually. Well, anyway...tommrow i will be busy with my work. In fact i have a meeting with the manager from other department.


san said...

Andrik, sedap tu makanan tu.. mula-mula sa termakan tu makanan yg ko display tu.. pa gia tu.. oh ya.. itu... ikan salmon tu kan..? nah.. pa sa bilang.. !!

Sa tmuntah tu mula2... tapi bila sa makan dua tiga kali, lepas tu teringin suda sa p mencuri.. kekekekekek!!!

C.Alv.B said...

Nice food..baut I cant take the duck la..I really cant eat it..hehhehe

Andrik McVean said...

@san..hahha..mimang sedap plak yang mula2 sia makan trus sy suka makan...lepas tuh sampai skrg sia mimang suka makan....hehhe

@sumandak...sia pun inda barapa pandai makan duck bah tapi lepas sy makan diorang punya duck kan,,,sedap bah....mimang sadap ...huhuhu

BUTIZA'ON said...

Saya pula memilih untuk masakan duck. Kalu crispy mcm masakan peking duck sia makan dan kalau masakan basah atau soup tidak sekali.

Andrik McVean said...

butiza...kalau sia lain pula...any types of food as long as sedap and i can it i will eat...even bosou pun sia makan juga,,,hehehehe

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