Friday, 6 February 2009

I am doing my report...want to see?

Hello guys, here is a part of my report today. Huhuhu.....take a look if you are interested....

Task 1
• Understanding what is CQCM, Tetra Dashbox and TCEO.
• Understanding the basic concepts of CQCM, Tetra Dashbox and also TCEO Metrics.
• Set up Citrix into a laptop and explored.
• Tasks completed on 4th of Feb 2009.

Task 2
• Understanding how CQCM and Tetra Dashbox work each other and the relationship between these tools.
• Mani explained in detail about the relationship between the tools and software development phases.
• Understanding in detail about the 12 TCOE metrics and 1 TCOE supplementary metrics. Exploring each of the formulas and find out the relationship between TCEO metrics and Defect Tracking Management Tool (the name of the tool that I suppose to develop- the concept is based on the existing incomplete tool named Tetra Dashbox).
• Figure out the relationship between CQCM, Citrix, Database and also Dashbox by sketching it on a diagram.
• Tasks completed on 5th of Feb 2009.

Task 3
• Self exploration on CQCM and Tetra Dashbox in detail by running the tools.
• “Plays” with the tools
• Find out the relationship between SR and CR with Dashbox. Find out on how to retrieve data from CQCM’s database to be display on Dashbox.
• List a set of questions as preparation to meet up with Mr. KG
• Tasks completed on 6th of Feb 2009.

Non Project Related
• Attended NIOSH course on 3rd of Feb 2009

This is confidential but only this one. The rest of the contains are hidden..hehehe

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