Friday, 20 February 2009

OIAM 3 will starts tonight

First of all is about OIAM 3. As i said before, I already put OIAM 3 as my favourite channel and alredy listed in my dairy. Huhuhu.....i was waiting for a week and lastly tonight is the first episode for this reality TV's show. After top 80 and narrowed to top 40 and to top 20. Lastlly top 12, which is only the best and the very talented contestents will be choosen. Yay!!! i am still in the office and i really excited to go back. Will have my shower, my dinner and prepare myself for the very popular and the most expensive reality TV's show.

So you all, for those who love this show do not forget to vote your favourite contestents.......bybye....i am leaving now..!!!!


jeremytuah said...

pls cek on my site ya.. thanx

Andrik McVean said...


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