Saturday, 21 February 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 12-

Berikut adalah ulasan persembahan pelajar minggu pertama.

Last night, kita telahpun melihat setiap persembahan para pelajar. Each of them shows their talent and capability in singing. They show to malaysians that they deserve to be place in top 12. But, honestly this session is the most exciting because all the contestent are very talented and ada gaya yang tersendiri. Last night ut was a wonderful performances by the the contestents. However, some of them did their job just good (not great enough).

-persembahan yang bertenaga
-she is young but her performance is the most energetic (energizer tatanium kot)
-she has a good attitide on the stage and vocally is quite good actually.
-she can maintain her performance even though the song is "acquire" her to make movements
-3.5 stars / 5 stars

-her performance was as what i was classy and nice
-but her face expression is not so good
-penguasaan pentas was good and vocally it was great!!!!
-she is like a time booommmm!!!
-4 stars/5 stars

-this performance what i called simple but excellent.
-the voice was was husky...but the husky was sexy...(not like rockers)
-with the guitar he performed it excelently and one more time i admire his vocal
-4.5 stars/5 stars

-the tone was too big and a bit tawar lah suara dia..
-i know she can hit the top note!!!! but mcm dier hit dengan terpaksa...
-in fact, vocally a bit pitchy especially in the begining part of the song
-but i like the part she hits the higer note of the song even though not prefect
-3.5 stars/5 stars

-another contestent who has a big..big voice....but this is too big
-the bigness caused she can't really hit the lower part of the song (mcm x sampai pun ada)
- When she hits the high was ok...but i think still need to be fact suara mcm x keluar bila hit the high note
- a bit picthy especially at the lower parts
-3 stars/5 stars

-the face expression was a bit funny...sorry..for me it was like a clown..i know he has the look tough
-OK, i know his performance was good and the vocal was good as well
-but he is not defenatly one of the best last night. Like Han, pija and also simon can beat him.
-but the performance was good, and not picthy
-4 stars/ 5 stars

-this is rock kapak..the only contestent who really has the soual of rock
-other contestents said they like rock but i can't see the rock-ness in theirself. Just pretending
-but this guy is pure fact the voice is really rockers
-the performance was energetic and stage control was good
-4 stars / 5 stars

-the juara mentor shows her talent and her belang again.
-since the mentor 3 years ago..she is very good...and even last night's performance also very good
-it not easy to song M.U.H. It was a female version instead of male version and it was very good
-she hits all the high notes easily and fluently and it was great
-In fact, stage contraol also very good..maybe the the gesture needs improvements
-4.5 stars/10 stars

-OK, his performance is a little bit bored..sorry folks..that is what i felt
-Not really intresting like the other contestents
-it was mpty for fact the performance is just like a band boy's performance
-i was expecting a star's performance..but it wasn't
-but the vocal is not picthy...kawalan suara bagus..tapi as i said..x menarik
-3 stars/5 stars

-satu lagi persembahan yang cukup bertenaga dari para peserta
-vocal yang agak besar but powerful and more natuaral compared to the other 2 contestents
-as the judge said it was a simple song but she made it like a powerful song..
- i like her performance so was really great..especially when she was hitting the higher part of the song
-4.5 stars/ 5 stars

The song has been totally modified by her. This song really different versions. Her vocal was excellent
-but i dont like the part she pulling the mic to far (mcm tengelam suara)
-The performance was excelent and was perfect
-what else i can say? she sang the song differently..just exactly her own song
-the true feling was there. Paul was correct..other singers just sing and show the face expression..but this girl is different
-4.5 stars/5 stars

-maybe some bloggers don't like him. I also dont like him..but for me he sang the song last night dramatically..hohoho...
-in fact sengau pun x i think it was great from him
-4 stars/ 5

Esther telah menerima imiunity pada persembahan minggu pertama. Ini bermakna beliau mendapatpersembahan terbaik. Tahniah untuk Esther...berikut adalah pilihan penulis

1. Esther 2. Pija 3. Han 4. Simon 5. Amelya 6. Rizu 7. Tomok 8. Aweera 9. Anith 10. Ayu 11. Nine 12. Fify


jeremytuah said...

My ranking...
1. Esther
2. Tomok
3. Simon
4. Aweera
5. Han
6. Ayu
7. Pija
8. Amylea
9. Fify
11. Rizu


your ranking
1. Esther 2. Pija 3. Han 4. Simon 5. Amelya 6. Rizu 7. Tomok 8. Aweera 9. Anith 10. Ayu 11. Nine 12. Fify

hahaha.. at least 1st kita sama... Nice posting...

Andrik McVean said...

HEHEHEH....masing2 ada pendapat bosss....

PROFfy said...

my ranking


and the rest.. suke ati la..

NoraJoey said...

i love ur posting...
tak rmi yg suke tomok n mostly akan jd bias bila part bg komen on tomok performance..
u tak suke n u admit it..

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