Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Prefer money instead of LOVE

If you were given a choice money or love. What do you think would be your answer? Do you think you will choose money? Or maybe do you think you will choose a love? Or maybe both? Or maybe none of them? Well, you can see my pool on the right side of my blog. So far the vote says money.

Well, if i were given a choice money or love. I will consider how much the person able to pay me instead of love. Let say RM100k? OK fine i would like to consider. Yeah..i always think money is so important. I did not say love is not important...BUT if i were given a choice weater money or love i will defenately pick the money. It does mean i am "mata duitan?". NO...i have my own point why i prefer money instead of love. I NEVER USE SOMEONE JUST TO GET MONEY FROM HIM OR HER. For example wanted to be her lover or his friend just because to get money from him/her. I never steal someone else's money. are correct I am so greedy for money but I WILL USE MY EFFORT IN DOING SOMETHING and be paid in return. I was in the bakery shop last sunday and i was reading Star newspaper. I saw the article titled MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU A HAPPINESS. So i was reading this article. It was very intresting. However, after I finished read it, i come out with my conclusion. OF COURSE MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU A HAPPINESS BUT MONEY CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY!!! (Am i correct? I think so). Love can't buy a love because love is unmeasured thing. How are you gioing to buy a love? RM100 per kilo? How are you going measure it? Just like your feeling. So as a conclusion, anything invisible and inmeasurable si un-buy-able (or maybe priceless).

Just imagine your life without money and your life without love. Lets say without love first. In my personal opinion in this era of life, if you do not have love but you have a lot of money you still can be happy. Correct? Because with your money you can go and travel around the world. You can go to any expensive restaurants and have fun with girls/guys. So there is hapiness actually. Maybe long lasting. But at least there is a piece of happiness.

So how about life without money? I WILL BE NOT HAPPY ALL THE TIME. I need chlotes, want to go to somewhere nice, want to eat at the nice restaurants. I want to enjoy my life. But how to enjoy life? NUMBER ONE IS WE SHOULD HAVE MONEY. I know we can enjoy ourself with other things. But sometimes, it needs money. Make love doesn't need money? YEAH correct, you are right but do you want to make love on a smell bed or on a terrible room? NO isn't? need a nice place then we could enjoy it (lol...mcm pernah).

So here is a little bit explanation about how important money instead of love. I did not say love is not important, but i'd say money is number one and love is number two. In this era of life, money usually come first and always come first. Well, i write this post because i had an argument with my friend which is or money. And i'd say money and he said love. How about you?


Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

It depends tho. But i prefer love. Hopefully, the "love" that i pick can bring me bright future. If Donald Trump loves you as his adopted son, you wont worries bout money anymore right? Hoho..
Same condition where ppl love you, for sure they help you in everything you need and money wont be a problem for you.
tats my opnion..

jeremytuah said...

Ryuzaki, love that u pick was driven by the need of money then.. hehe.. so it's money that u pick then and not love.. Well, for me, ill go for money and all the wealth of the world (adu tamaha..)..the reason is simple, with money we can buy anything, i mean it.. anything.. we can buy a house (but not home), we can buy sex (but not love of course)..etc..etc.. but from my observation and point of view, todays world (esp its people) can easily be bought.. goo example is 'politician'(particularly in Msia..heheheh).. whatever it is, i want money more than anything.. don't you agree andrik??

Andrik McVean said...

well..i know some people will say it depends..but for me, i really think money is more important. Of course we cannot buy love, becuse love is priceless. But if we really think about now a day life...moeny is more important then everything....heheheheh...i still think money is important,,,,

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