Saturday, 7 May 2011

A day with friends

This picture was taken i think two weeks ago when i was struggling with my thesis. Arghhh....yes it was, or maybe three weeks ago. I can't remember and am not sure but it doesn't matter because the thing is we had fun. I went to Nando's restaurant and decided to have a lunch. It was really great. I was doing my thesis and struggling for something that time but when MO (the guy in the yellow t-shirt) rang me and invited me to have a lunch with them..i said to myself "all right time to get some rest". And yeah...I did have a rest. In fact I was actually tired after the lunch because i ate to much and ended up getting sleepy. Anyway..probably this is the latest picture of me with my friend and i am really looking forward to meet them again probably next week when they all finished their exams.

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