Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sale of Goods Act

I have just finished my thesis and well, well, well, i cannot wait to submit my thesis. Wow!! wish me luck because i am going to present it next week. Anyway, any of you know about sale of Sale of Goods Act or specifically Sale of Goods Act 1979? Well this is very important for consumer information. Sales of Goods Act is probably one of the most crucial things for each buyer must know to avoid being cheated by shops owners. Especially in second world countries, so many shops are trying to cheat their customers by selling fake items with ridiculous prices.

I remember one of my friends who bought an an expensive Rolex watch with a slightly cheaper price. He thought it was a genuine Rolex shop. He paid hell lots of money to his watch. After a year, he went to a Rolex shop and asked for a service to clean the watch. He was very surprised when the Rolex specialist told him that it wasn't a genuine Rolex. Wow!!!! Just imagine he paid lots of money for it and realised it wasn't a genuine. He tried to trace the shop but after a year, the shop has closed.

Anyway, if you are looking for sale of goods and services act or if you are using google search engine, alternatively try to google sale of goods and services act 1982 and you will find lots of them on the internet. However, they are not as clear as I have read it and visited the website. I give it 4.6/5. Take a look guys.

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