Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cooking time!!!! Products from Waitrose

Well, well, well,...what a boring day in Hatfield huh?? I know..i know..really really boring. I don't know what shall i do. I rang my friends and thought they can go out with me but they said no they can't. Each of them still have something to do and some of them actually are working. So i can't really do anything. Mmmmm...this little room is so boring. So this morning i went to St.Albans and guess what...i went to Waitrose...WAITROSE???? yes...i know this is an expensive super market but they said the food quality is so good!.

So i thought, i'll give it a try. Yeah..give it a try. So when i was there i found few Malaysian products (Imported of course). Yuuummmyyyyy!!! I miss them very much. So yeah..I bought some of them and some other silly stuffs really like lemon grass and lime leaves. In sabah i don't have to buy these silly ingredients because they are a lot outside my parents' house. But here, well everything is money. So basically no money no talk. TRUE!

I also bought that baby bamboo or they call it bamboo shoots. In sabah we call it "Robung" or in Malay well known as "Rebung". Shouldn't really buy it but as i said...London is everything is about money. tonight am gonna cook special fried ice with some meats and bamboo shoots. Also would like to make a sea food salads and red and green spicy prawns. Yuummyyyy..I can't wait.

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