Monday, 2 May 2011

My stamina is very low

Isn't is lovely jogging on a beach?

Yes..what can i say? It is very low at the moment and i have tested it. Oh dear.yesterday i went for a run and guess what. I did in average 2.6 KM for 25 minutes..that was really bad tho. I must admit it was the slowest time i ever recorded in my life. But what do you expect after spending months in my room doing my dissertation and all of the sudden o went for a run? I felt like i was vomiting on the ground. I had headache as well. For goodness sake it was terrible. Anyway..i want to go for a jog as well today but the weather seems so terrible yucks. You know what i mean, it's windy and miserable LOL! Yes it is actually..really miserable. I wish i was jogging on a beach...must be very nice tho. I really like it. But i live in the middle of a town. beach :-(

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de engineur said...

it's a good start tho. You must pat yourself on the back for making an effort; some wouldn't care less until it's too late.

BTW, enjoy the defining month of premiere league football in the UK. I hope MUnited win it this season.


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