Sunday, 1 May 2011

Struggling with my Data analysis

I am still doing my data analysis at the moment. I've been doing this thing since monday this week and still doing it. Struggling really. I don't really have the problem with quantitative though as it was easier but the qualitative data analysis is really pain in the ass. LOL! It seems like we need to interpret when does it mean if the user writes like this. Or if she writes like that what does it mean? I have to figure out the relations with some other theories. Mmmm...i find it a little bit difficult. I have six data analysis to do with different purposes for each of them. But thanks God i managed to analysed 5 of them already . I have one more left and guess what..this is the most difficult among the five. In fact, this one part as difficult as if i combine all the five data analysis i've done before. I can't wait to finish my thesis...i really cannot wait for it..i want to have a rest and enjoy myself. :-) then think what i wanna do next :-)

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