Friday, 6 May 2011

It feels so nice after I finished my master's thesis

Wow, I do feel so nice after I finished my thesis. It seems like the world is so good and I don't have to worry about anything anymore even thorugh I do worry about something. It's gonna be very scary to hear what grade i will get for my thesis. I do expect either A1, A2 or A3 tho. But How knows? nobody knows about this thing. I must get any As for my thesis to graduate first class. I am badly want to get first class for my master. I really do want this. LOL! I wanted to get first class during my bachelor degree but it was so difficult because i didn't managed to maintain my pointer in the second semester. I mean i got 3.06 in the second semester to that's why i ended up with almost first class. It was not first class i hope this master is a revenge for me tho. Ha..ha....In fact, if i get first class for my master, it's gonna be very good and i would have a chance to do my PhD easily. I haven't maku up my mind yet what to do after finishing my master but it's either job or PhD tho. Whatever comes first then i will go for it. Well, Hertfirdshire university has offered me a place for my PhD but most probably i want to try a different university? I am happy with the current university where i am at the moment but i think it is better if i had the chance to do my PhD in a different university. But if a job came first then i will be happy to go for a job as well. the moment i am waiting for my upervisor to confirm my presentation date. I am so excited for it he..he..he...

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