Wednesday, 18 May 2011


**GREAT NEWS OF MY THESIS**I am pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled 'The Design,Development and Evaluation of a Social Networking Application for Interactive Learning' has been selected for submission as a paper to the 10th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL-2011).**GREAT NEWS OF MY THESIS** !!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the font in red colour, that's it. That's the message i got from the European conference organiser. It was in the morning about 9 am. I just got up and with my half asleep brain started on my laptop. I was still very sleepy that time but i don't know why i insisted myself to get up. Anyway, I opened my university's email and i saw there were two unread messages. I clicked the unread messages and i saw one from my supervisor and second one is from the event organiser.

After reading both of the emails i was really happy and posted on my facebook's wall about this news and i got many congratulations wishes from my friends. I am really happy because only God knows how much time i spent my time on it. Only God knows how much effort i put on it. I was really tired and i went to bed 4am every morning and get up at 9 am every day. Yeah, i did lots of things and i feel so proud of myself for this achievement. This is probably one of the biggest achievement i ever did in academic field. I am really happy.

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