Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jogging improving my stamina

This is me at my first jogging this year LOL!

I have been jogging in the last few days after i finished my thesis. Now i just need to re check and make sure everything is all right. Here is my current report of my last jogs;

1st attempt in average i did 2.6KM = 25 mins Note: I thought i was dying. After a half kilometer, i felt i wanted to vomit on the ground and i felt my head was dizzy. was terrible. In fact i felt my tummy was aching and my legs were painful. Jesus!!! it was horrible

2nd attempt in average i did 3KM = 22 mins Note: Well, i felt the same exactly like when i did it first time. But the difference is the pains were not stay long. At my first attempt, the pains stayed all the way when i was running. It was terrible. Arghhh...Because the pains didn't stay that long, i managed to go a bit further and made 3KM instead of 2.6.

3rd attempt in average i did 3KM = 18 mins Note: Much better this time. I didn't stop many times. I think i only stopped twice in 3 KM and managed to shorten the time to 18 mins instead of above 20 mins. Yippieeee...that's great.

I can't wait to do my fourth attempt. He..he..he...he..

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SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

1st attempt - hahaha rasa macam tu kaki bergagar kan?.

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