Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Unduk ngadau 2011 final

Tonight will be the unduk ngadau 2011 final and i have no idea who will be the winner. But i have seen the pictures of each of the finalists. It's difficult and it's unfair to determine who will be the winner based on the pictures. There are so many factors could influence the judges who will be the winner. I don't know anything about the criteria but I know that you must be able to speak your native language, wearing native custom and you must be beautiful. LOLZ!!!! Yeah....beauty is the most important thing i guess. So far my prediction based on the pictures gonna be Miss Ranau or Miss Beaufort I like the most. Maybe they look beautiful on pictures i don't know as i said it's difficult to predict based on pictures. But my prediction is 100% based on the pictures i've seen. I also love unduk ngadau Likas, unduk ngadau tanjung aru, unduk ngadau penampang and unduk ngadau Tuaran. Let's see if my predictions were correct. :-)

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