Sunday, 22 May 2011

My luxary summer holiday plan on Borneo Island

Fabsss!!! Fantastic!!! gorgeous, hot and beautiful...only in Sabah. The only and only beautiful and fantastic tourism destination in Malaysia is exactly located in Sabah. If you want mountain, we have the highest mountain in south east asia, if you want beach we have world class beaches in sabah, if you want island we have top five stars rated islands in sabah, if you want to see the lost world we have one of the oldest jungles in the world, if you want to do shopping we have the biggest shopping mall in borneo...what else do you want? Spending your 2 weeks vacations in sabah never be enough because lots and lots of things you can do and see here in sabah. I am currently live in London but i am sabahan YES of course. For me going back to my hometown is always a holiday for me..I have been to many places and all states in Malaysia but not to promote my own state but i have to say that Sabah has the most exciting destinations places to visit. Kepalai island gonna be my next destination this summer, it's in east sabah...i can't wait.

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