Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Facebook is now in KadazanDusun language.YEAH!

Wow...for the first time ever.. I've seen this. Facebook is now available in KadazanDusun language Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..Well..well..well..ok..ok i know it has been photoshoped and i wish this is real. I know it's not real i just like it very much and did you notice it sound funny when English translated to Dusun? LOL!


dBOS-fm said...

I rush to see if it's real :=(. Ndak juga sound funny kali if some lingual expert get involved. Mcm 'nga'..'nopo it'..tu boleh delete to make it sounds formal.

Sasa Tien said...

saya ingat itu betul oh.... http://sasatien.blogspot.com

thx for following me , im ur follower too.. hehe...

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