Friday, 20 May 2011

How my thesis looks like??

250 pages (1st copy) + 250 pages (2nd copy) + 400 pages (source code) = 900 pages!!!

Hello everybody i am officially want to be active again updating my blog. Well, I have been trying very hard to keep this blog alive for the last few months but i couldn't not make it due to my busyness with my MSc final project. Well, well well....i still managed to kep this blog alive this month tho but using auto publish tool. Well, after my thesis submission i was very busy with my VIVA preperation. Yes i was really busy and just today i finished my master degree and completed it. Well, what can i say? I am very happy with everything. Every moment went very smooth!!!!! Well that's how my thesis looks like before i submitted it on monday afternoon. It's 650 pages and the thickest report i every produced in less than 4 months. All i can say is guess what???? I am very happy because it has been accepted by the Organise of Europen Conference 2011 and I will be in Brighton in Nov 2011 to present my work. Wow!!! i am very excited!!!

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