Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mentor 5 final: Salma is the champion

As predicted in my previous post Salma will be the winner and when i checked youtube last night, guess what?? She was the winner. Fuhhhh!!!!! Overall marks are 85 compared to Shihah and Iqa who only managed to get less than 65 marks. Just imagine, she left the other finalists by 20 marks ahead. LOLZZ!!! That was so funny and really funny because the week before final, Salma was last but managed to climbed and distance herself with the other finalists. Yahoooo...really amazing news you know!!!! Just imagine the other two were just too small compared to Salma for Godness sake. Really!!! I must say that. We will see what will happen to salma in a year time? How about her new single? how about her career? She will be the true champion only when she can retain herself in malaysian music industry. Anyway...Congratulations to Salma and of course Erra for choosing the right protege. First runner up was Shihah followed by Iqa.

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