Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beautiful Landscape in Scotland

The pictures as you can see above were taken last months. I was busy with my thesis that time achieving my fourth objective i guess. Yeah! Even though I spent my 3 days time in Scotland that time but it was never a waste. In fact i am so grateful had the chance to see the country. It was really a lovely country. I think the landscapes in Scotland were prefect. I would really love to live there but one thing certainly can turn me off is the cold weather. Am sorry but i just don't like and i never like the cold weather. Spring is fine for me but winter is horrible. For me, when winter comes, it seems like you can't do anything outside unless you are already get used to it. But someone like me, no way and no chance to love it. When winter comes all i can do is to sit indoor and do boring things over and over again for 3 months. Gezzzzz..i really cannot take it. But i love Scotland especially the landscape.

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