Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's me sliding on the snowed mountain in Scotland

Check it out..it's exciting!!!

I just love it very much ha..ha...ha.....ha.....I wish i could do it again. I really want to do it again next year. Yeah!!! Next winter. But if i got a job already next winter i don't think i can do this sort of things anymore. But nevermind....we will just wait and see :-) This video was taken in a mountain in Scotland (Oh jesus!!! I forgot the name) and i really liked it very much. It was last winter and i was very busy with my thesis that time but still managed to climbed two mountains LOL!!!!!! Naughty boy!!! I should really be doing my thesis but i did enjoy myself very much. But Guess what...i still managed to do my thesis successfully..yippieeeeee

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