Friday, 27 May 2011

Mentor 5 final: Who will be the champion? My analysis

Hello guys, am back again from my very busy week as i had to write 6000 words for the conference in Brighton in NOV 2011. I am one of the presenters and i need to write about my research, result and analysis. I managed to write 5800 words in four days. LOL! It was so tiring and i am very tired at the moment. I have just submitted it to my supervisior and i hope all will be all right.

Anyway, let's go back to Mentor 5 final. Three the best contestents at last have been selected by the juries and voted by the public. Well, i always miss this performance because i am in the UK but i watch their performances on youtube. First of all, all i can say about them is they do deserve to be in the final. Based on their performances every week, i hve predicted these three will be in the final. The question is, who will be the next mentor's champion? is my prediction and analysis

Salma will be the champion because - She has the most important asset. Her vocal is the most powerful among all of the finalists. She is a combination of ziana zain and jac. Her performances were consistent every week. She can song many types of songs. It has proven based on her weekly percformance.

Salma can't be the champion if - Well, if i not mistaken she's gonna sing Cinta, listen and her new single. All these songs required her to sing it very carefully and need lots of concetration as well as energy. She might be exausted after singing the first two song. Listen for example requires her to sing the song in a huge range. In fact her new single seems like exploiting her vocal range. So she has to becareful here. Otherwise her performance gonna be a disaster!

Shihah will be the champion because - allthough vocally she is second after salma but i have to say she has a beautiful smooth vocal. For me her voice is so smooth and her new single is 100% fits with her vocal range and that's exactly types of songs she suppose to sing in the final. So bravo to Datuk! Well, she's cute? and good looking? well, yeah..she is of course. So basically her talent and look combined together perfectlly. This could be the main asset of her to win this competation. I believe she will utilise it and make her performances perfect vocally.

Shihah can't be the champion - Well, her vocal is not good enough to be the champion compared to salma. If you look at all the winners from 1st session to the 4th, all of them has really powerful voice. Pija, FiQ, Black, name it...Fiq and Black for example were finalist of juara lagu.

Iqa is the champion because - Well, honestly i see very litle chance for this girl to be the champio. But guess what...who knows? She could be the champion because of eddry KRU. KRU is very popular and used to be one of the biggest names in Malaysia. Many people know them and of course eddry has a huge influence of the malaysia music industry. He is creative and knows how exactly what is the current trends of the music industry.

Iqa can't be the champion - Well, her new single was not as interesting as the other two. I played once each of the contestent's new single and i can't even remember the tune for Iqa's song. In fact, i am a bit worry because there might be a pitching problem during her performance in the final. Her vocal is not that unique and for me her vocal is just the same standard with some of the af students.

So that's my analysis lol! I would say Salma will be the champion, second sihah and followed by Iqa. We will see in mentor 5 final this weekend....

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