Saturday, 14 May 2011

Plockton Shores -We had five stars sea food

After a disappointment....we were redirected by a local to have the best seafood restaurant in north west scotland. Yeah..i was very excited to have it. Well, this restaurant is really in a rural area and we had to drive probably about 30 minutes in the nearest town. Owh..we had to stop many times to ask the locals there where the restaurant was. This restaurant is very well known and that's why we managed to reach the restaurant. Not so easy but not that difficult. Anyway..I had seafood set and a soup as a starter. WOW!!!! The best sea food set i every had in my whole life. Yummyyyy..everything is so delicious. But....well sorry to tell you guys..but it's expensive. In average we paid about 30 pounds each for a lunch. I think for this price, it's already a dinner price in London. But QUALITY was SUPERB!!!!

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