Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Another Weekend Treat and Little Monday

 After a long 12KM hiking (not that long actually) and we got back home I cooked for dinner. Yummy!!! I love cooking and being a restaurant owner is still one of my ambitions. Still long time to go though but I am making it. Oh yeah!! Anyway, I cooked two very different dishes which were duck and mixed vegetables. The first one was mixed vegetables which consists of baby tomatoes, mushroom, onion, park choi and courgette. I deep fried each of those vegetables and then I put them on the plate. Then, I started to make the gravy and sprinkled dried parsley on top.
The second dish was roasted duck cooked with sweet black pepper. I put sugar in its gravy to make it sweater because the taste of black pepper of itself kind of a but boring. In fact I made the gravy with chillies in it to make the flavour just a bit spicier and not boring (if it come only with black pepper). Both dishes got 4.3 stars from me out of 5 stars. My only complain was I think I overcooked the courgette and also park choi. They should be a little bit crunchy and greener (looking fresh).

Anyway, what I've done in the office today a little bit disappointing. I mean not that much because the 10M synchro diving was quite distracting. Most of the PhD students in the office was watching their favourite spots live on from the internet and I didn't want to miss mine as well. So for about an hour I was watching 10M  synchro diving. But then what I've done today was much better than doing nothing because at least I managed to plan for my algorithm to achieve the first objective. I also had as short discussion with my Spanish friend, Raquel who gave me some idea how can I do some parts of my plan.

After office I went to the gym and had my work out. I did 3.5KM run with 15% gradient on treadmill and I climbed 250 floors in 30 minutes. I am still working on it to climb 1000 floors.

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