Sunday, 29 July 2012

Brecon Beacons 12KM Hiking

 My weekend was full with two very different activities. On Saturday I went to Brecon Beacons National Park climbed the mountain which is 886m height and has seven peaks. We started quite late actually about 1.45PM and just managed to climb three peaks instead of 7 peaks. Or maybe we can do all peaks if we walked a bit faster but it was more about enjoying the mountain rather than chasing to climb all peaks. In the terms of difficulty I would say the path along the ridge was fairly easy compared to a few mountains I've climbed before. It was about 12KM or a bit more and we completed it in about 4 hours 30 minutes. We finished about 6.15PM but on the way back home we had to drive about two hours because of the road was a little bit congested at some parts. Maybe because many families have finished their first week school holiday and they were going back home.

 Anyway, on the way up to the mountain we took a lot of pictures and sometimes we forgot that we should be going fast while the weather was nice. Sometimes the wind blew quite strong and it felt a bit cold. But I was pretty okay with my silly t-shirt. I knew I should be putting on my sweater but I didn't want to look silly in my pictures as the weather was nice. I just kept walking so it made me sweating. So that should be okay except when we were taking pictures because we had to stop and it felt a bit cold. As you can see the picture above I was laying on the flat rock and it actually felt a bit cold because sometimes the wind come and blowing. In fact, on top of the mountain the wind was blowing quite hard.
 One of the attractions of this mountain is it has a long ridge and as you walking on it you can see the many different things such as the valley, fields with different colours, lake and also peaks from different distance. I must say it was astonishing and all the peaks look so beautiful. The paths were not difficult. In fact they were just long gentle slope. The visibility that day was fantastic and as we walking along the ridge you can see many other walkers walking along the ridge and some of them were going back already and some were ahead us.
 This picture was taken just about 0.3KM before the peak. As you can see on the picture above the peak behind me was one of the seven peaks and the visibility was really great. I wish we've done all the peaks but then the rain came just before 6PM and we finished three peaks at 6.15PM
 This is the first peak I did and when we reached the peak there were many people already there together with their children. They were quite many people actually walking that day. In fact many different people were on top and by just looking at their body shapes or figures it really tell you how gentle this mountain is compared to many other mountains here i the UK.
 This is the second peak. Not really far from the first one as you can see it behind me. I think we walked about 15 minutes before managed to reach the second one and again they were many people at there already. On this peak it has different views and it has lake next to it.
 Going down from the second peak and ready to the third peak. As you can see here it's not very steep the path is quite nice as well.
 I had to put my sweater on at last after our lunch. Although the sun made the weather warm but the wind really made it cold. In fact my palms felt too cold until I put my blue sweater on.
This is the third peak we reached and just after this peak, dark clouds were forming and coming from the other side of the peak. We then quickly get down from the last peak and hurried to the parking space. We kind of lost our way but managed to get back the way back to the parking space. I will update my blog again tomorrow with what I've cooked. Yumm..yummm...

It's almost 12AM now and I'm going to bed. Monday is waiting for me tomorrow and I'm not sure if I like it. But then thanks God because I don't have to go to the office before 9AM. Yay!! I love it. I like it because I have flexible time but as usual my Monday is always not really good for me because my brain is always left behind from my lazy weekend.

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