Thursday, 26 July 2012

Something on Thursday

I got up quite early today and had my shower just before 8AM which was very unusual because most of the time I will get up at 8.30AM and have my breakfast at 9PM. But today I had my breakfast at 8.15AM and went off to the office at 9.15AM. When I was going off and started my car I realised that more birds' shits on my car especially on the front mirror and also on the bonnet. I didn't like it because I remember last Monday when the car was clean as soon as I parked the car in front of the department building just an hour ago I saw there were a few splash of white marks on it. I thought someone thrown a paint on my car. But then it was the birds' shits all over the car. Yucks!!! I can't really do anything about it anyway because the other cars also had the same.
Can you see the shits on my car??
So I came to the office today about 9.57AM which was quite early and unusual for me because I usually came to the office about 10.30 or 11AM (sometimes a bit later than that). But I never had a lunch break or coffee break. Once I came to the office I will just do my work until 5.30 or 6PM. I always skip my lunch and all I had during lunch time was just coffee I made from home and put them in a flask with fruits (apples or bananas). I like it this way because I don't really want to end up with a "big belly" after completed my PhD in 3 years time. In fact, I need to lose some more weight to improve my stamina for next year's Glamaig Hill Race in Scotland.

So I was the first one came to the office and the funniest thing was the office was still locked and I had to unlock it with my key. It was funny because I never did it before. So as soon as I came to the office I started the machines and I did a few emails and also filled in the form to claim my substances and travelling expenses. I quickly went to my supervisor's office and put them under his office door. I didn't even knock his office door because I knew he's not there. He's always away on Thursday anyway. I went up back to the office and printed a MatLab note. It's about tips and tricks in MatLab. After that I started doing the coding again. Still learning to do it and based on a few sample codes I found on the internet I managed to improve my segmentation result. It was really good actually and it segments the image quite accurate. But the problem is it's not very generic. My first objective is to develop a generic texture based segmentation. I have about 4 months left and I really hope that I am able to develop the methodology before next year.

Segmented result

Red Kite Bird
This is one of my favourites 
After that, about 2.15PM I went out to a lake to see the red kite birds feeding together with a friend Jonnie one of the PhD students in the office. He did help me a lot in many things. He's a nice friend although we never really (or because we haven't got the time) went out for an evening social. We arrived at the place (I can't really remember the name..I know how to pronounce it but don't know how to spell it) about 10 minutes before the feeding show at 3PM. So I would expect something very fascinating to see especially birds feeding show which I never seen before. A few minutes before 3PM, a man came with two full bags of meats came and I saw a few red kites coming. It seems like they knew that every 3PM it's time to eat. I was expecting there were more coming when the man came and throwing the meats on the ground. Unfortunately, there weren't many red kites came to the place. I would say maybe only about 20 of them and I think one one of them did go to the ground and struck the meat. Half an hour later we decided to walked around the lake. It wasn't a big lake but it was quite nice. But it must be nice if they had a stall selling ice cream yummyyy..I like walking ice cream in my hand licking it from time to time. it!
Not very clear because I was taking this with a glass mirror in front of my lens
The duck
Anyway, we heading back to town just about 4PM or maybe a bit later. I dropped Jonnie in town and I just drove back home. I wanted to go back to the school but wasn't in a mood already. In fact, I was quite tired and didn't really feel I want to do anything. So I just drove back to Aberaron and as soon as I arrived my eyes were so heavy and fell asleep on the sofa. Huh!!! Must be very tiring!!!! almost 11PM here and I'm going to bed. I think I will go to the office early again tomorrow.  After office I need to resume my training again in the gym. I skipped it today and can't skip it tomorrow.

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de engineur said...

The bird shits can be bad on the paintworks, esp swiftlets and crows. Clean your car promptly ya.

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