Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fantastic Olympics Opening Ceremony

I got up quite early today and arrived the office about 10AM. There were a few students already doing their work. I think there were about three of them already there and I thought I was early but not really. I spent about 7 hours in the office non stop today. Yes it was non stop and as always I skip my lunch. I just had my banana and apple in the office together with the milky tea I made from home. I printed out a few journals and read them. I also printed out a book which I download from the internet. It was a book about Matlab (another one). I think MatLab is quite okay and not very difficult but the thing is I still a bit unclear about how to do image processing using MatLab. I can process images by creating the source code and run it. But I think I'm not quite sure how actually the code does the process. So there's no point knowing how to code it without knowing how the code does it. Huh!!

So I was quite busy and very tired today. In fact after in the office that was about 5.15PM, I went off to the gym which is just about 3 mins walk from my office. So I had quite hard training as well. I completed 3.6KM on treadmill with 15% gradient, then I had 110 sit ups on the floor followed up by 130 flours climbed on the machine. I was quite hungry after that as I had only fruits in the afternoon. I drove back home, had my dinner, had my shower and bath. Now I am watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony. It's fantastic. Basically what they did was introducing the history of the UK to the world from the very early age until the year of 2000's. It was very creative and I must say fantastic ceremony. I never seen such a fantastic ceremony. Usually you can except things but London did very differently. I wish I could go to London and see some of the matches especially the 10,000M, Badminton, and any of them to be quite honest. But I don't really want to waste my time for a few days because I would rather spend my time in the office doing my research. I have just about 4 months to achieve my first objective and I must do that. I really want to show to my supervisors that I deserve the scholarships I received not only from the department but from the university.

Okay, That's all for my update today. Tmrw I should be climbing mountain and going to have a very very long walk. I'm not sure how long though but I would guess maybe about 15KM??? I can run and finish it in less than 3 hours ha ha ha ha...But I want to take a lot of pictures so I can upload on my facebook. So I just walk and enjoy the sun. I hope the weather will be good or I'm not happy walking in the rain. Okay guys I'm off to bed now and see my update tmrw about my long walk if I'm not too tired :-)

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