Thursday, 12 July 2012

BMVA 2012 University of Manchester

BMVA 2012 summer School University of Manchester 
Last month was great being able to meet many PhD students from different universities and countries. All of them were genius. BMVA gave me the chance to make friends and exchange ideas about many different things. The best side of it is we had lots of fun after the classes finished. Although it was only five days but I had one of the best memories ever. After the class we went out to the city and had lots of fun until 12AM or 1AM. We knew we had to get up early in the morning but we didn't think about it at all. Above is the picture taken at an Indian restaurant the night before the school finished.

About the program/school, some of them are very interesting especially when the topic is about your research but could be quite boring especially when the presenter is just mumbling and you couldn't understand what he's saying. But overall, it's a great platform or starting point for PhD students to know more about different methods or techniques that you could apply in your research.

At last I the time you reading this post I'm on my way going to Scotland for my first mountain race in the UK :-D I know I don't have enough training but I thought I give it a try to experience it...

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