Sunday, 22 July 2012

So What I've Done Today

Today is very nice and it's very warm and the breeze is making the weather even better. It's not cool and it's not hot but this is what I call just right. Malaysia is quite hot although I can take it easily but the weather here today is perfect. It's so lovely and very very comfortable. So here are a few things I've done today. I got up about 9AM and the sun was very strong already and I thought it was in the afternoon. I quickly got up of my bed and look at my watch on the table. It shows 8.55AM! Oh that was good because I intended to get up early today just because I knew the weather will be nice whole day so I don't really want to miss it. I had my shower and got down about 9.45AM.

I had very British sort of breakfast and it was very unusual actually. It was two slices of brown bread with thick jam on top and also mocha. I liked it but not really my type of breakfast. Anyway, after breakfast I decided to clean up the kitchen. It was clean but things were every way made me feel a little lazy and not in a mood to cook. So I cleaned up the kitchen and I made sure all the unnecessary things in the cupboard were thrown away. Believe it or not it took me hours to do it all. There are still a few things I need to do but I feel a bit sleepy and I'm going to have my nap later after updated my blog. 

I am updating my blog in the conservatory facing the sea. It's lovely with the warm weather! After I finished cleaning the kitchen I had to do some wiping on my car because there was a cat with his filthy feet walking on my car and left lots of marks with mud on the car. It made me really upset. If only I saw the cat I would chase him and put him in the oven LOL! No..not really I am joking. I just chop his head off !! Ha ha ha ha

Okay guys I need my snooze now and my eyes are very heavy updating my blog. After snooze I would need to do a dinner. I think I'm going to cook Duck Rice!!! Mmmm..should be really nice with salad. If I had cucumber it would give the dish a blast but I don't really want to drive for a few miles just for the sake of cucumber. Anyway..I'm off now...

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