Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bosou and Bambangan in Scotland!!

The red chillies are delicious with Bosou
Bambangan with red onions are fantastic

Oh My God!!! How I misssed these dishes very much! I wish I could fly back to Sabah bring some of them to the UK. Although I have lived here in the UK for almost three years but I still cannot forget Bosou and Bambangan. I have tried and cooked so many dishes but those are just unbeatable. Maybe just because me but honestly being an authentic Sabahan means you cannot forget your root such as language, culture and the food. When I flew back to the UK in May 2012, I brought Bambangan with me but then I have already finished all of them and it's an empty cleaned container left now. Every time I look at those pictures it makes me think how much I miss my country apart from the hot weather. I lived and those food was my main dishes together with boiled rice when I was a little boy. We had we to to the jungle to find the Bambangan and we had to go to the river or sometimes rice field to find the fish for the Bosou. That day, mum and dad couldn't afford to buy palm oil  for frying food. So we had to eat anything boiled or maybe roasted. Anyway, that was about 15 years ago or even older but I still can clearly remember our poorness that time. But sisters were very strong to lift up the family and thanks to them. They are women but they are stronger than many man in this world! Well, life is not easy. Some people have very rough life and some have the other way. But then my life has changed me to be someone stronger and Bosou and Bambangan are two dishes that I never forget and still two of my very best dishes ever!!!!! Because of them my family survived from hunger. 

Some scientists said God was never exist or he's dead but I say God is watching you because he knew you can do it.

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Unknown said...

bosou sia nda mkan.. tpi kalau bmbangan, melantak hbis..

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