Monday, 23 July 2012

Biggest flower in the world

Quick visit to the biggest flower in the world
It wasn't very big that time but it was much bigger compared to other flowers in the world
When I was in Malaysia about a couple of months ago I had just a very little (I almost mossed the opportunity) chance to visit and see the biggest flower in the world. Although it wasn't big enough the time I visited the flower but it was much more bigger compared to the other flowers in the world. Some of there were dead and that was the only one left that time. I should have been to the place last year. I mean, I have seen many sign boards displayed about Rafflesia Blooming but I never had the time to go inside the jungle and look at it because I was very with many projects in Malaysia. The money was good but I was working like I never cared about my health and fitness level. All I did was with my laptop trying to complete all the projects as soon as possible.

I remember after I finished all the projects I started my work out training again and my first training was bloody tiring and it seemed like I was so unfit. But I gradually build up my stamina again before May came which had even more projects. Wow!!! That was just so unbelievable !!! Anyway, now it makes me think that being a freelancer doesn't mean you have the freedom to work especially the time flexibility. I thought being a freelancer would allow you to work at any time you want. Being a freelancer means you have to work very hard on your own to give the best satisfaction to your customers and that's not easy to do! Some customers are so bloody fussy and some of them are very straight to the point. Fussy customers sometimes could be very narrow minded and they won't accept your opinions unless you have proved it.

Anyway..back to the post Rafflesia flower is the biggest flower in the world. In north Borneo we have many Rafflesia centres. Next time when I go back to Sabah I must take a chance to look at the flower again especially when it's fully bloomed. Well, it's Monday so everybody hates Mondays I guess. I personally don't like Mondays but as a PhD student I would not mind at all because I can go in and out of the office at any time. Anyway..I must get back to my MatLab work now...bye and see you in my next post xx

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SoLy SoLicious said...

waaahh..terpegun..xpenah nengok dpn mata..slalu kt tv/gmbr je

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