Friday, 20 July 2012

Early Birthday in Manchester

What a surprise!!! My genius friends are so kind!

Cutting off the cake
Here's another post from my previous summer school BMVA in Manchester. Those of you who are connected my facebook might have seen those photos. But those who are not my facebook is "Andrick Rampun" and I will approve you if you have clear face picture profile or I will just ignore it. Anyway, I stayed in Manchester over the weekend after the school ended. Probably one of my most memorable moments in life when my friends did an early birthday party. What a surprise eh...We had our dinner that night in an Indian restaurant not far from the university. We had something with curry and I must say it wasn't the best curry I ever had but I would say it was just an average. I bet I can cook much tastier but then they were nicer than nothing and much better than what I had when I was a little. So be thankful/grateful Andrick!

After we had our dinner, we were just continued drinking beer as we've ordered a few bottles and needed to finish them before moving to a pub to watch the football match (Spain Vs Italy). A few minutes later after we had our dinner and getting ready for our desserts, I heard people singing "Happy Birthday" then a few seconds later my friends at the table singing the song as well. I was thinking something weird is happening and mimicking myself singing the song. But as the waiter was approaching our table I saw him looking at me and smiling. Then I said to myself "It can't be me!!" but I was completely wrong when the waiter came to me and put the table on the table and my friends continued singing the song to me..Oh man!! that was the greatest surprise ever!!!! Thank you so much friends and I love you all xxxx

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