Saturday, 14 July 2012

My first mountain race in the UK

Credit for the pic. This is the mountain and in a few hours time I will be running up on it

Today is the official date for Glamaig Hill race. I know I don't have enough training but I think I just give it a try for the experience running up and down a mountain in the UK. I have climbed more than 15 mountains in the UK but I never really participated myself in any mountain races. Back in Malaysia I ran a lot on different hills including the Kinabalu Mountain. Today, for the first time ever I'm going to compete with more than 100 fell runners from Wales, England and Scotland. I don't know how well and how fit my legs are but I had just about a week training. I had my mountain training on Cadair Idris for only three times but I didn't go to the top. I just went to the third highest peak which is 791M high. It has similar height and distance with Glamaig hill. My first attempt was 1h 15 minutes followed by 1h 24minutes and 1h 15minutes in my last attempt. But then the weather wasn't very good that time. In fact, it was heavy raining and thick fog on top. My expectation is to finish Glamaig in 1 hour 10 minutes but maybe I have underestimated the mountain. I don't really know because I never been to the mountain although I've been to Isle of Sky.

Anyway, I have been reading and trying to find any information about the hill's steepness but could't find any. So I would guess I will be the first one to cover about the mountain trace in detail together with data analysis from my Garmin watch. See you guys and wish me all the best....I would guess for a first timer my target is to be in the top 30 or the worst in the top 40.

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