Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Blue Nissan Car Got His Wash

Nissan Micra
Washing the Micra
 Yesterday was a bit busy although it was Saturday. I did quite a few things until the time I'm updating my
blog. After I had my breakfast and updated my blog, I quickly had my shower and went to the school. I came to the office about 11.30 AM or maybe a bit later and my friend Zhili was there already doiing her work. I think she said she has just got in. I then started my MatLab work just doing some of the tutorial but different types of algorithm. I actually implemented two different  algorithms. Both of them were noise reduction algorithms. It was fascinating seeing the results.

Small car but very reliable
After I implemented all the algorithms I went to the gym but I was a bit late. I thought the gym closes at 9.30PM on Saturdays.But then they close 4.30PM which was much early and I was very late already because I came to the office at 4PM. So I had only less than 30 minutes training in the gym. After the gym I quickly drove back home and before I had my dinner I managed to spend about an hour to wash my blue Micra car. That was my first time ever washed the car. I should have washed it last week but I was so bloody busy with so many things around me with my PhD project, summer school in Manchester and also many projects from Malaysia. I had to finished everything and my life was so bloody busy. I thought I was living in a prison. Arghhh!!!!! But I'm glad I did it everything and now I am much more relax and I am now have more time to my PhD research. I am glad to myself because I have completed my PhD proposal in less than 2 months and I am now on my achieving my first objective. I hope to achieve before by the end of this year because that is my plan.

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