Thursday, 26 July 2012

Good Progress on MatLab

MatLab Edge Detection
Hello all, it's andrik again updating his blog in his room. This is actually an automatic update (scheduled post). The time I'm updating or writing this post it's almost (already) 1AM but I can't close my eyes. I am quite tired at the office and I had about an hour session in the gym but for some reasons (I don't know what are they though) I just cannot close my eyes. I should be dreaming on my bed right now. Anyway, some very good progress I've done today in the office. I did quite a lot of things on MatLab pratical work in three days. I never thought I could do as much as what I've done so far. So basically MatLab is easier than Java or C++ (or maybe because this is the beginning which tend to be easier). I still can feel there will be a great obstacles in my PhD research though. I'm not sure what are they are there will be some in the future.

So today was pretty in the office but I successfully implemented a few noise reduction techniques and edge detection techniques. I am so happy about that and then my next plan is to do some practical work on image segmentation. I hope it's not too difficult or at least understandable. Some programming languages have ridiculous syntaxes and you can hardly understand them. Oh just not the way I like. I remember when I first learning C++, it was just like something totally new and I had no idea what the lecturer taught. But eventually I quickly picked them up.

Anyway as you can see on the picture above I implemented Sobel and Canny detectors on an image which I downloaded from the internet. The original image is on the top right conner followed by different techniques of edge detections. One this I'm not sure though is how reliable those methods are when applied to an image which has many different colours. Can they still do it? Well, I'll have to test it.

Okay, today was sunny and it was really great in the office because it wasn't bloody cold. I know someone in the office who likes to low down the air con temperature to 15 degree or more and less. I find it annoying and I feel like talk to him but I am new and I think I should leave it happens as long as I put my sweater on. Okay..okay..I'm going to bed now (i'm in bed already actually) but I mean to sleep. Bye bye folks and good body is quite tired and he needs its rest............

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