Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Weekend Treats

Park Choi Beacon with Salad 
Onion Oyster Sauce with Salad
Last weekend was a great treat for myself. After a visit from the ladies who fancied Malaysian cuisine but mild. So I made something very mild to them and they liked the food very much. In fact, the next morning they sent a card thanking for the great food. Anyway, after a busy weekend (not really busy but I was tired and had my nap which I usually don't have). I cooked something for dinner and they were duck and Beacon. Mmmm, they were delicious great presentation too. I would consider they were very simple to cook as long as the sauce is the most important. Make sure that your sauce tastes great to make the whole thing delicious. I roasted the duck for a couple of hour and while the duck was roasting I was having my snooze. I got up after an hour and I had time to do some preparation for the second dish.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. Everything was really great the food and weather was fantastic. fact I had my almond chocolate ice cream which was really nice. I was imagining myself having the ice cream sitting on a bench facing the sea. Urmmmm.....lovely and must be nicer if had a smooth mango juice or watermelon juice. Fantastic!!!!! Okay now I need to do final check on my slide presentation before presenting it to the group this afternoon.

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